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Let's create together the International Zanmai Community (IZC)

In May 2022, the monk Stanislas Komyo Wang-Genh began a journey around the world to teach Soto Zen practice. Along the way, he gives lectures and introduces people to Zen meditation. This is the Zanmai Project. 


One of the main vocations of the Zanmai Project is to create an international community of Soto Zen practitioners, who wish to practice zazen together, exchange and organize international events around Zen (retreats, weekly zazen sessions, seminars, conferences, etc.)

These times of meditation and exchange can take place virtually (by zoom) or in person. 


Support to create a place of practice

Many people want to practice Zen on a daily basis but cannot find a place to practice.

At the risk of falling into the many pitfalls of practice, we know how important it is not to practice alone. Zen Buddhism has been passed on from teacher to student since 500 BC. The presence of a sangha (community) and the guidance of a teacher are essential for spiritual advancement.  


Through a regular exchange, the monk Komyo proposes to accompany you in all the steps of creation of a group of zazen: to find a place of practice, to gather a community of practitioners, to make live this place of practice, to teach the posture, to share and to communicate the teachings of the old ones. 

Receive teachings from an authentic lineage

The International Zanmai Community (IZC) follows the lineage of Master Taisen Deshimaru, the Japanese monk who introduced Soto Zen to Europe in the late 1960s. Among his close disciples is Master Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh, president of the International Zen Association and former president of the Buddhist Union of France. Master Reigen Wang-Genh has been practicing Zen for 50 years and is the abbot of Ryumonji Monastery in Alsace, eastern France. He received the Dharma transmission from Master Saikawa Roshi. 

Stanislas Komyo Wang-Genh has been following the teaching of Master Reigen Wang-genh (his father) for more than 20 years. 


Joining the IZC is being part of the sangha (community) of Ryumonji Zen Temple. It means benefiting from the teachings that come directly from this lineage. The monk and teacher Komyo Wang-Genh offers you a regular and private exchange (by zoom) on the Dharma (Buddha's teaching). 

How to join the International Zanmai Community (IZC) ?

You want to set up a regular practice of zazen, create a place of practice or even benefit from the teachings of the masters of our lineage?

Send your request by email to the next address


Hossen Shiki Ceremony (Dharma Combat) of Monk Stanislas Komyo Wang-Genh
Ryumonji Zen Temple, November 2017

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