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Zen meditation in your hotel! 


In May 2022, Buddhist monk Komyo Wang-Genh began a long journey of more than two years around the world to teach Zen meditation. He has been practicing Zen for almost 20 years and lives in a Zen monastery in France.
So far, he has traveled through Canada/USA, Mexico and is currently in Central America. 
Meditation for everyone, in your hotel !
We know how much meditation is part of people's daily lives today. And it is not easy to find a place to practice it authentically. That's why, along his journey, the monk Komyo proposes daily Zen meditation sessions in hostels and community places. To make this practice known is the whole purpose of the Zanmai project to which he dedicates himself entirely. 
The meditation sessions last about 45 minutes.
The price is negotiable.
Possibility of partnership (accommodation for meditation sessions). 
+33 6 7773 1938



Born in 1980 to monk and nun parents of the Soto Zen tradition, the monk Komyo grew up in the world of Buddhist dojos and temples. Since early childhood, he has taken as examples the practitioners of the Sangha (the community), sitting motionless in zazen, shaved head, dressed in the august Kolomo (the black robe). They are today the precursors of the implantation of Zen on European soil. 


At the origin of this story: the figure of the Japanese Master Taisen Deshimaru (1914-1982), who arrived in France in 1967 to plant the seed of Zen. Komyo's father, Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh, was one of his close disciples. He in turn became a Zen Master, and it is his teaching that Komyo follows today.  


Still an infant, the Buddhist name of Komyo was given to him by Master Deshimaru in 1981. He took refuge in the precepts as a teenager, and it was in 2014 that he received monk ordination (tokudo). For three and a half years, Komyo trained at Ryumonji Zen Temple in Weiterswiller, Alsace.

In May 2022, he undertook a two and a half year journey around the world to Japan. There, he will continue his training as a monk in a Zen temple in Japan (Ango).

A graduate of a school of journalism (CELSA) and a school of audiovisual production (CLCF), he has always worked as a reporter-director. In the Zen lineage of Master Deshimaru, monks and nuns can work in the social world and have a family life.

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