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Ten countries in four months


The cities marked in red are the ones I visited

A few days ago, I replied to a message from my friend H. who wondered why I didn't write much on my blog any more. I told him that solitude was the primary motive for writing, and that I'd missed too much of it in the last three months.

First of all, the visit of a friend at the end of March, with whom I took a fifteen-day road trip by car through Colombia. The day after he left, my father and two brothers came for two weeks. Still in Colombia. At the end of April, I flew to Cuzco, Peru, to meet up with some friends. Since then, I've been rolling along with them.

It's hard to make up for lost time and tell you all about 120 days of travel through ten Central and South American countries in just a few lines. To lighten the load, I've turned to photography, which has the unique ability to get to the heart of the matter. So here's a series of annotated slideshows.

And to help you find your way around, here's a summary of my comings and goings in space-time:

- February 20 to 24: departure from Guatemala / crossing El Salvador and Honduras ;

- February 26 to March 20: community life in Nicaragua

- March 20 to 23: 3-day stopover in Costa Rica;

- March 23 to April 25: 2 x 15-day road trips in Colombia;

- April 25 to May 7: Peru;

- May 7 to June 15: Brazil;

- June 15 to 18: Uruguay;

- June 18 to July 7: Argentina;

- July 7 to 12: Chile.









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