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Farewell, Zhou Zhou!

My dear friends,

I have received many messages that are a bit worried about the valiant Zhou Zhou (my bike). The time has come when I must part with it. Believe me, it saddens me a lot! But the journey also teaches us not to get attached.

I sold it to a very nice person, a French woman who lives in Oaxaca and who will soon leave with the Zhou Zhou on the roads of the Andes.

Zanmai is a journey centered around the Dharma, not the bicycle.

And from now on, this pilgrimage takes a new turn. I will travel by hitchhiking, by bus, by train to reach more quickly the different cities where I want to go in Central and South America.

Indeed, I was spending too much time alone on the road. This is not the purpose of the project which is to go to meet people and show them the posture of zazen. This implies staying at least one month in each city, the time to organize a conference and to set up a zazen group, as we did successfully in Oaxaca.

By the way, I am spending my last hours here in Oaxaca, my new heart city. And this morning we had zazen together. It was very beautiful. And of course I will come back.

I take this opportunity to wish you a year full of joy, love and sharing. Best wishes to all of you in the Dharma.

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